Mix 'n' match

Discover the differences between various types of WA freshwater crayfish.

As part of a new interactive display at the NMDC you will be able to match up the claws, heads and tails and complete the large, hands-on puzzle.

There are actually several different species of freshwater crayfish in Western Australia, including the third largest freshwater crayfish on earth... marron!

Found only in Western Australia, marron are the largest freshwater crayfish in the State. They can grow up to two kilograms and more than 30 centimetres long.

Margaret River marron, known as 'hairy' marron with the tufts of short hair on it's back, has been identified as a separate species or sub-species.

mix-n-match interactive

Other freshwater crayfish commonly found in WA include koonacs, gilgies and yabbies. Not many people realise that yabbies are actually introduced species so not native to WA.

Visit the NMDC and try our new interactive to see if you can tell the difference between these freshwater crayfish.

For more information about identifying freshwater crayfish, follow this link and download a copy of 'Identifying Freshwater Crayfish in the South West of WA'.

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