Sea Monkey Science

Ask any of your students what their pets were, and many will remember having sea monkeys! Sea monkeys are not mythical creatures, but are in fact a type of crustacean, otherwise known as 'brine shrimp' or Artemia. At the Department of Fisheries they are grown as a food source for many aquaculture research projects.

Sea Monkey Science is an activity teaching school students about the harsh environment that these creatures live in and the advantages of using them in aquaculture. They will also learn about the optimal conditions for hatching and raising sea monkeys.

sea monkey

Finally, each participant is given the opportunity to set up a hatchery (sea monkey 'home') to take back to the classroom. This allows them over the next two weeks to watch their sea monkeys hatch and develop into a fully grown 11 millimetre-long crustaceans. Of course, don't forget to feed the little critters!

Did you know?

Artemia are found in salt lakes around the world, including those on WA's very own Rottnest Island!

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