A Plethora of Plankton

The most abundant life form in the ocean is plankton. These tiny plants and animals have little or no swimming ability and are generally found travelling on the ocean's currents. They are the basis of all marine food chains and therefore play a crucial role for a healthy marine ecosystem!


A Plethora of Plankton is a brand new activity for 2009, where students will conduct their own plankton sampling at a nearby beach and return to our Learning Laboratory to process their sample. Here they will learn to identify different types of plankton, discover how plankton is critical to the food chain and how plankton samples are used to estimate the biomass of fisheries.

Provided with various materials, students will then take our plankton challenge - they will design, create and test a plankton model, which will need to stay buoyant!

This activity will have students conducting scientific sampling, using microscopes and recording data.

Did you know?
The word plankton comes from the Greek term planktos, which means 'drifting'.

Did you know - Jellie