Fish of Ages

Fish of Ages gives secondary school students the chance to take their investigation of all things fishy one step further!

In Bare Bones Fisheries Science, students learn how fish dissections provide valuable research information that contributes to making informed fisheries management decisions. Fish of Ages is a hands-on activity that looks at the next step in this scientific investigation process.

Using previously prepared slides of fish 'otoliths', or ear 'stones', students test their microscope skills in order to work out the ages of fish in a sample population. Just as the real fisheries scientists do, your student scientists record the data from the sample and then present the data graphically. It is from these graphs that fisheries scientists build up a picture of the health of a fish population and if it requires specific management strategies to ensure its sustainability.


As well as carrying out microscope work, validating and presenting the data, this activity also provides students with an excellent opportunity for extension activities. In particular, post-excursion investigations of second-hand data enable students to compare the health of other fish populations and the different strategies used in their management.

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