Bringing the Beach to You

Most of us think winter is a wonderful time to stay indoors where it's warm and dry, watching a movie or reading a book, but it's also a great time to visit your local beach.

If you head down to your nearest beach after some stormy weather it's amazing what you can discover washed up - shells, cuttlebones and even sea urchin tests (the internal shell of a sea urchin) are always a great find. Look closely at your cuttlebones - you may find teeth marks on them that indicate what killed and ate the cuttlefish for lunch!


It's not always easy (or desirable) to go to the beach in winter though, so for schools visiting the NMDC on excursions we do like to make life easier by Bringing the Beach to You.

Working in the warmth of our learning laboratory, students can search through a range of marine organisms that are commonly found on our local beaches, with staff from the Department of Fisheries' community education team, MarineDiscoveryWest.

Students will learn how to identify and classify these organisms, while discovering how they are connected to each other. Bringing the Beach to You takes about an hour and is a great activity to include in your school visit to the NMDC (suitable for years K - 10).

To make a booking for your school or to find out about our other education activities, contact the MarineDiscoveryWest team at the NMDC on
9203 0112.

Did you know - Jellie