About Us

The Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre is the newest attraction in the vibrant Hillarys Boat Harbour complex.

It's unique in Western Australia…a place for learning, fun and exploration of the State's aquatic life - a place that people of all ages will enjoy.

Aquarium tanks and a rockpool house a wide range of Western Australian aquatic life.

The Discovery Centre's exhibition hall features an intriguing array of interpretive displays, multimedia presentations and interactive touchscreens.

Located in the WA Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories, the Discovery Centre is also at the hub of some of the most important scientific research going on in Western Australia.

You can watch scientists at work and, by arrangement, schoolgroups can do their own experiment in the Learning Laboratory.

To complete your visit you can buy a souvenir in the shop, take time out for refreshments in the café and browse in the marine science library.

And importantly, the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre is affordably priced to make it possible to come back again and again.

Go ahead, pull on the pearl diver's helmet. Find out how much you weigh in abalone. Lose your head in the jaws of a great white shark hologram.

The Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre experience awaits you.

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